Pendants: Beginner

The beginner fused glass class will introduce students to glass basics, safety, glass cutting, and some cold working. This all day class will focus on various techniques in creating pendants.

We will make 4 pendants with dichroic glass, one pendant with a glass inclusion and 3 fired pendants that we will put decals on.

These techniques can be used for larger pieces in future projects. In the afternoon we will make 2 small plates and one votive/vase.

Duration:10am – 4pm

Cost: $100

Signup: Please email Vicki at  if you’d like to sign up for this class and we’ll send you information about it as soon as we can.

Extra Info: If you finish your pieces early, and if you like, you can buy additional glass and make more items .  Firing costs will depend on how many  items are made.

Refreshments and lunch shall be provided along with all tools and materials for this class.  Findings can be ordered for pendants at pick up time.  The student can decide whether to drill or glue bails on finished pendants.  Tools can also be ordered at this time.  A set of three tools to begin glass work are cutters, breakers and running pliers.  The cost is $45.

You may purchase extra supplies from the studio where both credit and debit card will be accepted.

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